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  • Entire staff made my trip unforgettable!

    Kristen R. (USA)
  • Absolutely wonderful... Great Service! Thank you.

    Jilly and Byron (N.Zealand)
  • Had a blast... you are the most friendliest people!

    Jenna and Johnson (UK)
  • Wonderful day & super lovely people!

    Melissa (AUS)
  • Ένα μεγάλο μπράβο στο πλήρωμα! Υπέροχο service.

    Μαρία Λ. (GR)
  • Great food, esp. for vegeterians. Hospitality & Crew excellent!

    Dr. S (India)
  • Υπέροχη φιλοξενία που αναδεικνύει το μεγαλείο της πατρίδας μας...

    Δαρηλένα και Μανώλης (GR)
  • Dia ESPECTACULAR. Exelente servicio, muy buena onda!!

    Nico, Guille y Marcos (Argentina)
  • Thank you very much! Great tour guide and captain. Really enjoyed music too!

    Dane and Andria (USA)
  • A fantastic days's cruise. it felt like a weeks holiday in one day! Thanks.

    Jeremy and Kim (UK)
  • Fantastic crew! Second to none! Thank you for caring for my sick daughter!

    Janice C. (USA)
  • Adoramos tudo! Passeio, musica, comida!

    Rita P. (Brasil)
  • Moments I can't remember with people I'll never forget.

    Philip (USA)
  • Wonderful trip on this boat, everything was great!

    Elisa (France)
  • Here, in the middle of a blue life, I dream, I admire, I see and I realise that I love this wonderful place named Greece...

    Diana (Romania)
  • Thank you very much for your very good services and program!

    M. (Romania)
  • The trip was awesome. Beautiful islands, amazing time, fab crew, yummy dinner.

  • Lovely cruise & lovely staff. Will recommend it!

    M. Z.
  • Very welcoming crew, delisious food, fun and amazing wonderful country!!! Thank you.

    Inga (Armenia)
  • Όλλα ήταν υπέροχα! Είστε όλοι εκπληκτικοί! Συγχαρητήρια!!!

    Στάθης (GR)
  • Πολύ φιλόξενοι, ζεστό κλίμα, service εξαιρετικό...περάσαμε τέλεια! Πάντα τέτεια! Συγχαρητήρια!!!

    Ανδρέας & Μίρκα (GR)
  • Thank you so much for a wonderful trip!

  • Είσαστε όλοι καταπλητικοί! Μπράβο σας!

    Στέργιος, Νατάσσα, Νίκος & Κατερίνα (GR)
  • I find it difficult to express how much I enjoyed my experience on your cruise!

    C. D. (Egypt)
  • Wonderful day! Thank you for blessing us.

  • Great cruise.

    Louis (AUS)
  • We love!

    Elton and Deborah (IT)
  • Αξέχαστη εμπειρία! Καταπληκτική σχέση με τον κόσμο, φοβερό κλίμα και διάθεση! Μπράβο σε όλο το προσωπικό!

    Ελευθερία (GR)
  • Thank you for beautiful day!

    Kris (Brasil)


Olympic Cruises - Transportation Services

Transportation from/to the ship

At any hotel that you’re staying, in the surrounding areas, we’ll take care of your fast and timely transportation from/to the ship, with luxurious, air-conditioned private buses. Click here to set up your transportation.

Olympic Cruises - Cultural Excursions Services

Cultural expeditions

In all our trips across the Saronic gulf, our company offers magical guided tours along the hidden treasures of each island, as well as idyllic walks. You can see the touring program , here .

Olympic Cruises - Entertainment & Recreation Services

Entertainment and recreation

Our live orchestra with its beautiful sounds, our live and cheerful dancing group, as well as our experienced bartenders with their refreshing cocktails, will give the passengers a taste of the Greek entertainment.

Olympic Cruises - Culinary Services

Breakfast* and lunch on deck

Every passenger will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Mediterranean breakfast* and an exquisite Greek and Mediterranean cuisine lunch, with food delicacies prepared with fresh, pure ingredients


Our Vessels

Olympic Cruises - Cosmos Vessel

Our new 70m long, 10m wide and 3m deep ship is the new jewel that will be sailing at the sea of the Saronic Gulf. With a capacity of more than 600 passengers, it will be offering daily cruises to Hydra, Poros and Aegina, travelling with a service speed of up to 16 knots. This automatically makes it one of the fastest day-cruisers of its category and the first 5 star Cruise Ship with Yacht specifications.

Olympic Cruises - Kassandra Delphinus Vessel

Our ship, Kassandra Delphinus, is a unique, 45-meter craft, with a capacity of 344 people, has 2 luxurious lounges, a large deck that is used for lunch, entertainment, as well as passengers’ rest on bean bags and deck chairs, with a spectacular view of the Argosaronic gulf.

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